What do we teach? 

All children who attend a Tenderlinks Day Nursery will have access to a broad curriculum, based on the EYFS learning principles. Our practitioners adapt their teaching methods depending on your child’s age, so that older children successfully reach their early learning goals and they are fully prepared to begin their primary education. 

How do we deliver the curriculum? 

We understand the importance of learning through play, so we make sure all the children in our care have access to a wide range of interactive learning equipment and resources. Our practitioners are also there to provide gentle encouragement, so that every child has the confidence to get involved with the activities. 
We also try to identify the individual needs of each child, so that we know how best to support them as they develop their language and literacy skills, and explore new areas of interest. 
To ensure the children get the very best experience while on their learning journey at Tenderlinks Day Nurseries, we welcome feedback from parents about any particular areas where they would like us to provide additional support. 


When Ofsted use the word ‘intent’ they are referring to a setting’s overall way of working. Mainly, the aims you have to help your children develop and learn. So whatever particular educational approach you take (whether it be Montessori or others), show how it centres around the children’s growth. Your inspector will be looking how your ‘intent’ helps children make progress across the seven areas of learning, and is play-based. 


This is about how you exercise your stated ‘intent.’ What do you do every day at your setting that ensures your children are making progress? This is what your inspector will be looking for. Specifically, your inspector will examine: 
What resources you make available 
How do practitioners interact with children 
What opportunities for progress and growth you provide 


How do you know that what you’re doing at your setting is making a difference? This is what the final ‘I’ refers to. Show your inspector the impact your setting has on your observations and assessments for each child. On top of this, describe to your inspector how well you do in fact know your children. Talk about their likes and dislikes (as well as any milestones hit since joining your nursery). 

A typical day at Tenderlinks Day Nursery 


Your children will enjoy a healthy breakfast once they arrive at the setting. Then, to ease them into the day, we provide a variety of stimulating, adult-led activities. 


A healthy, freshly prepared hot meal will be provided for all children. 


There will be an opportunity for rest time, and the children will also enjoy some outdoor play. At some settings, children will have the chance to participate in other activities such as swimming and dance lessons. 


After eating a healthy tea, children will take part in a range of planned lessons and learning activities. Then everyone will gather together for circle time. Before the children depart at the end of the day, there will be time for arts and crafts. 
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