Tenderlinks Day Nursery - Wandsworth 

Based in Wandsworth, South West London, we provide the highest quality care and educational experiences for our children, giving you complete peace of mind when leaving your precious little ones. 
Tenderlinks is a spacious and well equipped nursery with a maximum of 24 children each day. We guarantee that we will maintain our exceptionally high staff:child ratios throughout the age-groups. This enables each child's full potential to be nurtured through focussed, personalised care and attention. We are committed to meeting each child's individual needs and developing their passions and skills for the future. 
At Tenderlinks, we provide a safe, secure, stimulating and fun environment that embraces all children and enables them to be: 
• Respectful of themselves and others 
• Appreciative and appreciated 
• Curious and creative 
• Tolerant and patient 
• Compassionate and caring 
• Happy and confident 
Army Cadet Centre, 17 Broomhill Rd, 
SW18 4JG 

Throughout an average day your child will engage in a wide range of activities such as some of those listed below: 

Problem solving 
Reading / Story time 
Messy play 
Role play / Dressing up 
Nature walks 
Sand and water play 
Gluing and sticking 

A typical day: 

8.00am – 8.30am 

Arrival and Breakfast. 

8.30am – 9.00am 

Registration and circle time 

9.00am – 11.15am 

Morning lessons and activities / outings / specialist sessions (snack at 10.00am) 

11.15am – 11.45am 


12.00pm – 2.00pm 

Naps / Quiet time or activities for older children 

2.00 – 4.30 pm 

Afternoon lessons and activities / outings / specialist sessions (snack at 2.15pm) 

4.00pm – 4.30pm 


4.45pm – 6.00pm 

Story time /Free play and home time 

Specialist teacher sessions: 

As part of the broad curriculum we offer at Tenderlinks the children take part in weekly specialist led sessions of Dance, Music, Sport and we have recently introduced Studio Cultivate. 
Studio Cultivate
Kindergarden is an exciting outdoor education program created to encourage Early Years children to enhance, interact with and take ownership of the green spaces that they inhabit. Kindergarden workshops take place in a school’s garden or playground and run twelve months a year, rain or shine.  
The programme is divided into four seasonally themed modules, each exploring the world of gardens and the many fascinating living things that occupy them. Weekly workshops are filled with practical gardening activities, story telling, drama and art. Through these varied learning mediums Kindergarden pupils are able to absorb challenging academic content, expand vocabulary, develop fine motor skills, whilst engendering an appreciation of the living world around them. 

Sport with Pedro 

Pedro has a Masters degree in PE and 10 years experience as a sports coach and teacher. He spends part of his week planning and delivering multi-sports sessions in Nurseries and schools around South West London. Sessions take place in King Georges Park or in our hall. The weekly sessions include ball skills, racket skills and athletics for toddlers and incorporate other learning such as colour names and counting. 

About our Team  

Nursery Manager: Ellie Kelesidou  

I am a very dedicated and driven Nursery manager who continuously strives to create and run a nurturing and high-quality environment where children and their families feel safe and welcome.  
I would describe myself as motivated, enthusiastic, and very passionate about what I do with the intent of acting as a role model while leading a team. I am very organised with great attention to detail and individual needs. I am firm but kind and a true believer that we as practitioners are the best resource for the children.  
Ultimately, I am looking to be part of and manage a strong and cheerful team which can be inspirational and stimulating in order to support each 
child in reaching their full potential. 
Army Cadet Centre, 17 Broomhill Rd, 
London SW18 4JG 

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