Our Values

To maintain our nurturing environment, we expect everyone - our staff, parents and children - to help us uphold our nine principle values. These are:

Everyone in the nursery setting should try and show respect - both towards each other and towards themselves - at all times


We teach the children to think of others, and we encourage them to help each other out


We strongly believe everyone should be treated the same, regardless of race, culture, gender, religion, or level of ability


Working as a team, and making sure we involve everyone in decision-making, is key to how we operate


We want everyone within our nursery community to feel valued


We strive to be transparent, constructive and sensitive in the way we communicate with you


We like to create strong links with home and the local community to enhance the children's learning experience


We're committed to maintaining high standards, and work tirelessly to ensure we meet our own high expectations


Our priority is to ensure every child is safe, healthy and happy during their time at Tenderlinks