Healthy Eating

When parents leave their children with a care provider, often one of their main concerns is whether their children will be well fed. That’s why Tenderlinks Day Nurseries are 100 per cent committed to providing all children with a healthy, balanced diet.

What will your child eat at nursery?
All children will be offered a hearty breakfast, as well as a hot lunch and tea. Fresh fruit and vegetables will be provided with every meal, and healthy snacks will also be handed out at certain times throughout the day.

Is the food we serve good quality?
We work with a local specialist nursery food provider, Zebedees, to ensure that all of the food that we serve is of the highest quality.

Zebedees prepares all the food your children eat at its state-of the-art kitchen, which complies with the Food Standards Agency.

You can find out more about the Food Standard Agency at

All the food we serve is cooked to order, and is prepared from scratch using fresh, high-quality produce like organic milk and free-range eggs. No salt is added to food and, where possible, Zebedees uses ingredients that are locally sourced and additive-free.

Do we cater for children with specific dietary needs?
Yes. Because Zebedees is a specialist provider, it has a wealth of knowledge and experience in preparing nutritious meals for children with many different dietary and ethnic food requirements.

You can find sample menus and much more at

For further information on healthy diets at home for your children, please visit