We really love Tenderlinks Day Nursery in Streatham.  My 20 month old daughter has really progressed since she’s been there.  When she arrives in the morning she’s really happy to see all the staff.  When we pick her up in the evening, we are given a full description of her day, including the meals she’s had, the activities she’s taken part in and the times she’s napped etc. The staff are very approachable and are always happy to answer any questions.

Sarah | 4 April 2016

Tenderlinks is an excellent place for your child to attend to.  All the staff are loving, caring, comprehensive and well trained.  The manager and the team have made this place an unforgettable experience for our child.  He has grown and learnt so much over the past 2 years.  He learnt phonetics, vocabulary, songs, made new friends and grew in confidence.

I have never had to worry about anything whilst my son was at the nursery.  All the staff know what to do and they made the nursery to feel like a second home.  The manager is always on top of everything.  She makes sure that everything runs smoothly, clean, organised and that everyone is happy with their child’s development.  She is always ready to listen and provide you with the best advice she can provide you with.  Staff take the children out to the park, walking and surrounding areas.  The nursery also involves parents in their activities which is great.

Natalia | 23 January 2017

Our daughter has been attending this nursery since the age of 11 months (she is now 2 years 4 months).  We have been very impressed with her progress in terms of language skills (communication, understanding, vocabulary, etc), interaction with other children and adults, manners and general behaviour.  The staff and management at the nursery are loving, kind and put our daughter’s wellbeing as a top priority.  They even led potty training her at 2 years 2 months old!  We are very confident in the leadership at the nursery and know that any concerns will be taken seriously and acted on immediately.  We receive daily informal updates and regular formal reviews of her performance.   The staff take the children out locally and ensure they are physically active with ballet, active games and songs.

Amy | 10 January 2017

My son started at Tenderlinks in October 2016.  Being his first time, I was so nervous about him starting nursery and settling in well.  From the first time I visited the nursery, I knew straight away I wanted him to start at Tenderlinks.  I fell in love with the calm, soothing atmosphere.  The manager was very informative and you could tell she had a connection to all the children there.  I was particularly nervous as my son is delayed in some areas of his development, so being a small nursery, it suited his needs perfectly.  The staff are friendly and warm.  The manager has especially been very helpful in putting in place the support my son needs in all areas of his development.  I have no doubt he will progress much more than he already has.

Aby | 5 January 2017

Our son has been attending Tenderlinks Day Nursery since the age 1.  He is a few months away from his third birthday, and we as proud parents can confidently say, we are extremely happy with the developmental milestones he has clocked over the years, thanks to the well-organised setting that the staff and management of Tenderlinks Day Nursery have in place.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming and are more than happy to accommodate the inputs of parents, with regards to the upbringing of the child.  The well structured weekly activities, that are in place at Tenderlinks Nursery has helped to bring out the confidence in our son.  He is very well spoken for his age, and it is not surprising most people wonder if he is actually 2years when he begins to express himself.  Other extracurricular activities being offered at the nursery include swimming, squash, ballet – just to mention a few.  We as parents will highly recommend Tenderlinks Day Nursery to any parent who want the best for their child.

Seth | 5 January 2017

We are thoroughly impressed by the care our child receives from attentive, caring and supportive staff. Staff are led by a proactive manager, who is to be commended for her planning of the child focused learning environment.

Mel | 4 January 2017

My Son is 3 years old and has been with Tenderlinks for just over a year now.  In that time he has developed hugely and that is clearly due to the care and attention, as well as the warmth of the staff and environment.  My son has developed socially and that is due to the nursery – many nurseries are overcrowded and children can become lost as a result.  I feel the ratio at Tenderlinks is perfect for allowing a child to flourish, make new friends and have adequate attention.  To also have access to swimming lessons is a huge bonus – at a reasonable cost – meaning that my son’s confidence in the water has improved dramatically. I would highly recommend this nursery to friends and family. I feel that my son is in a loving and safe environment here.

Chris | 4 January 2017