Healthy Diets

To ensure our children are provided with the healthiest food possible, we use a specialist nursery food provider ‘Slice of Pie’ who deliver fresh food to us daily.  Slice of Pie has a 5* rating from Environmental Health and have all their meals inspected and approved by a child nutrition specialist.  They:

  • Source all food locally, wherever possible
  • Use organic milk and cream
  • Use free range eggs
  • Make all dishes, soups, stocks and sauces themselves from scratch, using real ingredients
  • Never use salt in food made for children of any age range
  • Recycle waste – helping to ensure that children have a bright, happy future to look forward to
  • Make food with the nutritional requirements of children in mind
  • Make all baby food from scratch
  • Ensure with the exception of bread, ice cream and some specialist diets, food is completely E-number and additive free
  • Collect/deliver lunches in the most environmentally friendly order possible to reduce pollution and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Cook food to order
  • Vegetables are blended and added within dishes
  • All dietary and allergic requirements are met confidently
  • Food rating system in place so that the nutritional value is clear to children, staff and parents

Please note, all children are served fresh breakfast, lunch, snacks, and tea everyday. Click here for the sample menu.

You can visit their website at